• Lisa De Armas

A Little Progress Each Day Adds Up To Big Results...

Lets face it, there is something so satisfying about looking into the pantry or fridge and seeing it all neat and organized...right?!? Every year around this time everything starts to get cluttered and disorganized, so I like to stop and clear it all out to start over fresh for the new year. I am going to break each space down into smaller areas in the bathroom and kitchen to make it easier. I may even challenge myself and find other spaces that need help, like the linen closet. The way I see it, everywhere could use some bins and baskets. :) I will also use Amazon to share the organization items, so it is more convenient for you to get them.

These books are great for organizing every space in your home and look cute on the coffee table.


Kitchen Cupboards



Under the Kitchen Sink


Lisa, xoxo