• Lisa De Armas

It Takes A Big Heart and Lots of Coffee to Shape Little Minds

Are you going crazy yet having everyone home? Are the kids bouncing off the walls? Before becoming a stay at home mom I taught 2nd and 3rd grade. So I know from being a mom and a teacher how stir crazy the kids can get. We don't want them vegging in front of video games or thinking this time is a complete break.

The truth is kids love structure and routine, so lets give it to them. Set up a routine that works for your family and create a schedule that you can print out and hang it in a common area for yourself and especially the kids to reference. You can set timers (just like school bells) and have the kids help you with this. Take turns reading the schedule and what comes next, take turns setting the timer, have them help you pick books to read, have them help you set up for lessons or activities you have planned etc

* A Sample Daily Schedule

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XOXO , Lisa